The Witcher Season 3 Episode 1 Review : Witcher back on Furious Action

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The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher Season 3


The Witcher Season 3 starts with Nilfgardian spies searching for Ciri and Geralt and found the place of Ciri where the Witcher action takes place Geralt kills all the Nilfgardians Brutally and escaped . Ciri , Geralt and Yenefer are moving place to place to keep Ciri safe and Yenefer is training Magic to Ciri .

Fire Magician

After a long journey they setoff they reached a Old Friends home ( Yarpen) and stayed there for a while . Meanwhile Reince the Fire Magician destined to capture Ciri has hired a Creature that find ciri by her Scent and let it out to attack Ciri but they escaped and Geralt planned to take him out by keeping Cirilla as bait .


The Northern King who wants to marry princess Cirilla offered a place in their court for Jaskier in return for Ciri and promised her safety in their Kingdom . As Geralt planning to take out Reince he asked Jaskier for help by asking safe passage to Northern kingdom expecting the arrival of Reince .

Entry of Elves

As Geralt, Ciri and Yenefer planned they were traveling in convoy with Jaskier and Dwarfs to The Northern King, The Reince attacked the convoy and while the Witcher fighting Reince the Elves who wants ciri attacked unexpectedly and The Reince escaped and the elves fell back as they were destroyed by Dwarfs and The Witcher. After this Jaskier asked the Northern King to Kill Ciri and Earn Geralts trust just like Geralt said to Jaskier

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